Sunday Live interview with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Published on Jul 3, 2016Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be jetting into the country Monday evening for a state visit, the first by an Israeli leader to Africa in 50 years. So what will his trip be all about and what is in it for Kenya? Plus what are his views about some key issues affecting the country? I have just returned from Jerusalem in Israel which i conducted an interview with Prime Minister Netanyahu where i began by asking him why he had opted to come to Africa- and specifically Kenya- at this time.

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Call it a comeback: Israel’s grand “return” to Africa

Call it a comeback: Israel’s grand “return” to Africa

In exchange for development support, Israel wants African votes at international forums. This may prove trickier than it thinks.

IMG_9616Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu with West African heads of state at the ECOWAS summit in June 2017. Credit: Israel Government Press Office.

This June, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu broke new ground as he became the first non-African leader to speak at the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) summit. During his speech in Monrovia, he declared once again that “Israel is coming back to Africa”. Continue reading

Il premier indiano in Israele per un patto su sicurezza e nuove tecnologie

Per conoscere meglio le relazioni tra India e Israele : Read More Moment Innovation Somalia


IMG_9081Narendra Modi, primo ministro indiano, con Benjamin Netanyahu

C’era anche una nuova specie di crisantemo, battezzata «Narendra Modi», ad accogliere il primo ministro dell’India al suo arrivo in Israele. Un omaggio al leader e alla cultura indù, che vede in quel fiore un simbolo di lunga vita e ricchezza. Gli israeliani hanno fatto le cose in grande per la prima visita di un premier indiano in carica: i due Paesi si sono sempre guardati con simpatia, se non altro per i comuni nemici musulmani, ma da due campi diversi, quello occidentale per lo Stato ebraico, quello dei «non allineati» per l’India. L’incontro fra Modi e Benjamin Netanyahu, che ieri pomeriggio si sono abbracciati all’aeroporto Ben Gurion con l’energia di due vecchi amici, è l’occasione per forgiare un’alleanza strategica e il leader indiano è stato accolto con onori riservati solo a Donald Trump. Continue reading

Somalo-Jewshi relations: blasphemy or real politic

cropped-cropped-image1.jpegSomalo-Jewshi relations: blasphemy or real politic

July 14, 2016 – These are some of the questions that I pondered while on a family vacation in West Palm Beach, Florida. Is Somalia finally joining the campaign to end the sub-Saharan diplomatic “embargo” of the Jewish state? If so, does this mean Mogadishu under President Hassan and Prime minister Omer has abandoned the Somali National philosophy founded by the SYL that gave primacy social justice and fairness over diplomacy? Is Somalia in the throes of following real politic as opposed to justice, self-determination of oppressed people, and the philosophy of its founding fathers? Is post-civil war Somali State more comfortable to be in bed with the Jewish state as long as rent money can be realized? Continue reading

Tel Aviv Helps Kenya Build $14.5B ‘Silicon Savannah’ City

cropped-image11.jpegTel Aviv Helps Kenya Build $14.5B ‘Silicon Savannah’ City

imageTechnology News
Einat Paz-Frankel, NoCamels | Sep, 11 2016

Israel’s ‘startup city’ Tel Aviv is helping Kenya to build its first tech hub in the new city of Konza, just outside the capital Nairobi. The ambitious, $14.5 billion project will feature a science and business park, convention center, shopping malls, hotels and international schools, among other facilities. The new smart city will be built on 5,000 acres of land, about 37 miles south of Nairobi.

In the coming months, the City of Tel Aviv – which was named the world’s smartest city and is home to hundreds of startup and high-tech companies – will host entrepreneurs and developers from Kenya to meet with Israeli experts in order to “create urban and technological models for the new city.” Continue reading

Water Diplomacy

By turning on the tap to clean water, he is able to spend more time in school rather than fetching water for his family.


1 in 3 girls in sub-Saharan Africa spend 5 hours a day searching for wood, preventing them from engaging in productive activities, generating an income or attending school.

Innovation: Africa

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”…plus access to solar energy, now that’s revolutionary!


Urgent Need! Innovation: Africa needs support in bringing clean water to Naduko and her village. They need your help.

Naduko is 6 years old and is often forced to drink dirty, stagnant water as she is often refused access to the well near her school. We can help Naduko stay healthy and have time to get a proper education but we need your help. Donate today to help us save lives and offer a positive future to an entire community. Continue reading

An Ethiopian spring?


The recent spate of demonstrations that has rocked Ethiopia has been causing extensive international concern. Moment RESEARCH Consultancy 

It has taken less than a week for doubts to set in over the unrest in Ethiopia, a country of more than 100 million people and the source of the Blue Nile. What the Ethiopian opposition has done is to take the political discourse of the country to the wider fringes of the political scene in the Horn of Africa. It appears that the Ethiopian government is now turning against it.

The style of authoritarian governments in Africa has not been adopted in Ethiopia. The Horn of Africa nation has been a bastion of democratisation and rapid economic development, and the capital Addis Ababa is the headquarters of the African Union. However, the democratisation process has not been easy, and there has been evidence of human rights abuses, indicating that the government’s agenda may be turning against it. Continue reading

I colori dell’Africa | Moment RESEARCH Consultancy

Global Dignity – To the entire Innovation: Africa team: it’s a privilege and honor to work together as we continue to share the gifts of solar energy, light and clean water with millions of people across Africa. Today marks #WorldHumanitarianDay — let’s celebrate the accomplishments we’ve reached and yet acknowledge the work that lies ahead. Thank you for your hard work and for being heroes to people across Africa. “Sometimes it falls on a generation to be great. YOU can be that great generation. Let your greatness blossom.”
P.S. To our partners near and far: everyday you teach us, motivate us, inspire us and share your love with us. We are eternally grateful! Together, we can be “that great generation”.

Tanzania’s President Magufuli: man of the people, man of the party?

Why the ruling CCM’s new chair might have to start walking back to his car more slowly.

imageChoosing a party outsider as CCM’s president candidate made sense, but are insiders now regretting it? Credit: GCIS.

It’s possible to tell how influential a member of Tanzania’s ruling party is by the time it takes them to walk a couple hundred metres during a parliamentary session. A particularly popular cadre within Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM), for example, could take over two hours to make the short journey as their peers throng around them in the hopes of having a word or shaking their hand.

Over the past 20 years, this is not a problem John Pombe Magufuli has often had to contend with. His strolls to and from the debating chamber have always been notably brisk. For most of these years, those walks have been taken as a CCM MP. Since November 2015, they have also been as president after he was picked as the party’s nominee in last year’s election. And as of 22 July, he will also now take those walks as Chair of CCM. Continue reading