Innovation: Africa

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”…plus access to solar energy, now that’s revolutionary!


Urgent Need! Innovation: Africa needs support in bringing clean water to Naduko and her village. They need your help.

Naduko is 6 years old and is often forced to drink dirty, stagnant water as she is often refused access to the well near her school. We can help Naduko stay healthy and have time to get a proper education but we need your help. Donate today to help us save lives and offer a positive future to an entire community.


Naduko is only 6 and is happy to attend the primary school located in the next village. When she heads home, she tries to get clean water from the school’s water pump, but sometimes this request is refused and she and her family are forced to drink dirty water from a stagnant spring in the bush, where mosquitoes often breed and spread malaria. Naduko and the other children of the village have to walk through grass that is taller than them to get the water they so desperately need. She wishes she didn’t have to drink this water because it has made many people in her village sick with typhoid and other diseases, including her younger brother, Lotukei. It makes her angry that the nearest medical clinic is 18 km away and there is no one in the village to take care of Lotukei when he is sick. This adds to Naduko’s determination to never miss school so she can one day become a nurse and keep her family and community healthy.



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