Quartz Africa Innovators 2016 list

imageIt’s been just over a year since we launched Quartz Africa. We believed Africa’s stories needed to be told with the same cutting-edge digital tools we had harnessed for the rest of Quartz’s global coverage, to much acclaim and awards. From the first day we had a bias towards stories of African innovation in the sense of big ideas, creative vision, entrepreneurship and homegrown, globally scalable problem-solving.
It turns out our premise and our goals are shared by many more readers than we could have guessed a year ago. The positive response and the support for Quartz Africa’s first year from readers in fields from business and science to arts and politics has been overwhelming.
This is why we had no hesitation in taking the time to once again to identify and highlight a new set of impressive African thinkers for our Quartz Africa Innovators series.
As with our inaugural 2015 list the innovators have been chosen for their groundbreaking work, thought-leading initiatives, and creative approaches to problems.
If you’re in Nairobi on July 20, you can join us for the Africa Innovators Summit at the Radisson Blu Hotel. You’ll hear from some of these innovators and Quartz’s editors through on-stage interviews, performances, and presentations followed by a cocktail reception and dinner.

Source: Quartz Africa Innovators 2016 list


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